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  • 36. Aug 2006 11:25 am


    Yes, Eric! Both servers are running Windows 2003 server.Script

    A valid shipping directory. The error occurs more than daily for the exact database. The behavior is completely abnormal with respect to the database. Today this transfer of objects from base A may not work, tomorrow it will be done But with base B.

    I would appreciate any hints.

    Thank you


  • 16. Jan 2007 03:19


    I found that you can solve this problem by changing the Edit (NTFS) access to your new file directory scenarios. for the user, who in turn creates the DTS. At least it helps me

  • Hello Suresh!

    I have the same problem… you have

    Can you help me?

    Thank you in advance

    Elaine Beraldo

  • 4. Jan 2008 here 00:20


    error message invalid oleverb structure

    I also solved these issues using script path access linked with map rewriting.


    error message invalid oleverb structure


  • 5. February this year at 3:22


    We fixed this by giving access to the account that runs the dts package, to get folder:

    c:program filesmicrosoft sql server80tools where part of the servername.database.Is log file is located

  • I have exactly this problem on SQL 2005 SP3 x64…

    Error line: Invalid OLEVERB structure

    But isn’t it a permission problem in this case of the process (this asphalt is already done!).

    I can’t find a treat for this. Anyone else have any suggestions?

    I wish Microsoft released software with useful error messages!

    Give us that “where” and “why” instead of the exact “invalid struct type [email protected]”!!! :w00t:

  • I am currently looking into an issue with WS2003 and SQL Server 2000. After installing andThe security management “Security Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB2229593)” encountered ODBC obstructions. They were fixed after the patch was removed. It may be the same problem, but the approval process is in progress.