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Okay, when I start Steam, I get the message “UninstallSecond error: unable to load the cabin modules. ” I reached out to Valve support and typed this in with a bang. I looked at things and it’s time to go for a run, do all these exercises, and when you are in the credit folder, change the language to “English” for you.

I did this even though most were already valuable and started vaping and it just doesn’t work anymore. Does anyone know any tips for solving this problem?

Remove steam.dll from your main Steam directory and force-update it the next time you start Steam. Hope it works, play it for me.

I had the same problem with the latest Steam mega update and a lot of what I could find was fixing a computer registry entry that was not an issue. Deleting this file seems to be done! Thanks !

is the same for me. I tried both ways using Steam website support and at the moment I can’t open my account !!

Source (s): I had the same problem, google didn’t help me. Deleting the document worked. Note

followed by Lo c (removed steam.dll) and therefore works again! Thank you Lois Dort ™ ‚

Hello, I have the same problem. Why can’t I find Steam.dll and Steam directory. Thank you

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