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    Why is my ICS connection not working?

    In this scenario, the ICS settings are lost and the ICS connection does not work. In general, if there is no traffic on the ICS about this for 4 minutes, the service will be closed to the ground and will not restart automatically. Serious problems can arise if you improve the registry incorrectly using the Registry Editor or various other methods.


  • Windows Cannot Start Windows Firewall/Internet Collaboration (ics) Connection


    How do I check my firewall on Windows XP?

    Click the Windows Start button but select Control Panel. The control monitor window will appear.Click the Security Center link. Security Center may be displayed.If the firewall header says ON, you are using Windows Firewall.

    by partheepan about 15 years ago

    Hi, I tried to run this Windows Firewall in a service, your programs “couldn’t start the Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Download and Share (ics) service on my computer’s local machine. 5: Access denied error.” Its network is a shared system that includes XP SP2.

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